10 Modern Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Congratulations, it’s a girl! Ever since you’ve heard this from the sonographer of the gender scan clinic , you might be hunting for the best names for your lovely girl. A gender scan allows you to determine your unborn’s sex way before his or her birth. There are many 4D baby scan clinics in Peterborough as well that offer gender scan in many of their packages. If you still haven’t considered going for a gender scan, do consider it and visit the best ultrasound baby scan clinic now. We have compiled a list of 10 modern baby girl names with their meanings. Let’s go through them one by one: Grace: The name is derived from the Latin word, “gratia”, which means gratefulness and god’s favor. Grace means elegance, courtesy, and charm. In Bible, it means the divine’s love and mercy towards mankind. We often say terms like “by the grace of God” or by “God’s grace” to pay our gratitude to the divine’s unconditional love bestowed upon us. Christine: Pronounced as “kris-TEEN”